Isha Travel Management Inc.
  Tel : 1-877-FLY-ISHA ; Email :
Fax:(877) -359-4742.

     Account Debit Authorization Form

                                      I, ____________________________________ hereby authorize Isha

Travel Management Inc., to debit my account  ____________________________________(Account number),

Routing number
____________________,Cheque no_______________on ____________(date)

(name of the bank & branch) for 

USD_____________(amount) towards the  purchase of my air tickets.


                       I understand that the amount debited is towards the purchase of my air ticket and agree to the terms and conditions listed in our website under  "Policies"  ……



Signed__________________________________________ Date:_________________


Address: ______________________________________________________________


City: __________________________________   State:____________ Zip__________


Telephone____________________________Fax: ______________________________ 




Travel Details:

Destination: From ___________ To ____________

Departure Date:_______________

Arrival Date:__________________



***NOTE: Also need a copy of the check used and a copy of driver's license.