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     Credit Authorization Form

                                      I , ___________________________ authorize Isha Travel Management Inc. to

charge Airline tickets to my Credit  card account number

________________________________________  CVS Code _______  Exp date ______ on

my behalf. The amount to be charged is  USD________.

                         I understand that the amount charged on my card is towards the purchase of my air ticket and agree to the terms and conditions listed in our website under  "Policies"


Card Holder's Contact/Billing Address:  


Email: _________________________

Phone: (_______) - ________- ___________
(Include Area Code)

Fax :   (_______) - ________- ___________

Street: ___________________________       

City:   ___________________________

State: ___________________________

Zip Code : ________________________

Signed: __________________________

: _________________________ mm/dd/yy

***NOTE: Also need a copy of credit card used( both sides) and a copy of driver's license.

Please give your Date of

Travel Details:

Destination: From ___________ To ____________

Departure Date:_______________ mm/dd/yy

Arrival Date:  _________________ mm/dd/yy

Airlines:        ___________________