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Faq – Hotels

How do I search for hotels by city?

Choose a country you desire to visit and the city. Browse for the hotel in that particular city. You may then make a selection from the list and continue to the hotel listing. Since we are constantly updating the list, it is quite possible that your choice of hotel or the city of choice may not be available.

How can I find out more about the hotel?

Specific hotel information such as property address and phone number, amenities, transportation to / from the airport, and other details is available online.

I have made a hotel reservation but my itinerary does not show a confirmation!

Some hotels take as much as 24 hours before they provide a confirmation number. If you do not get it in 24 hours, please let us know.

How does a credit card guarantee a hotel reservation?

When you give us your credit card number, we pass it on to the hotel. This ensures that a reservation is held up to the date and time you indicate. If you intend to cancel, you must do it with in the stipulated time, otherwise hotel will impose ‘no-show’ charges on your credit card.